High Stakes: Moonlighter

High Stakes is a series based on the weekly Game Burning Podcast, giving impressions about some of the games we discussed on the show.

MoonlighterPC; $20

Couple of hours into Moonlighter (By Digital Sun Studios, review code received from Evolve PR), I like the game quite a lot. The combat mechanics aren’t for me, as usual, but the store stuff makes up for it in a big way.

I’ve beaten the first boss of the game, on normal, on the second try. My play style is trying to get every upgrade for that section of the game. The first encounter with the Golem King was by accident. It was a loot run, didn’t try to beat the boss. And lost all the loot when it killed me 🙁 .

The second time I also didn’t try to get to it but I had better upgrades and knew his phases already, new how to avoid the jelly arm. This game might be the only rogue-lite game I can actually progress and maybe finish. The weird thing is, this game is basically a huge grind. You grind for loot to get money, upgrades and grind for more loot! All in order to get through the final door. I just hope the payoff after going through will be worth it.

The thieving mechanic is annoying and I don’t like it. And the inventory management would’ve been a 1000 times better with mouse controls.

The Golem King