Don’t be a Noob on Facebook: a Guide

Despite Facebook adding plenty of useful features, a lot of users still doesn’t know how to properly utilize those options. I started posting infographs on the Facebook page with those tips and then added them all into this article.

It will probably be updated as I find more tips to share. Send me your suggestions. If you enjoy our content, please consider supporting via our Patreon page.

#1: Don’t use comments “for following” a thread. Facebook has an easy option for you to get notified even without commenting.

 Snapshot 2014-02-04 09.42.14


#2: And the other way around. Don’t want to get notification from a thread anymore? Cancel them.

Very useful for getting out of heated debates.

Snapshot 2014-02-04 09.45.18

#3: Can’t find the Stop Notification option? Fear not!

You can access your notification center and turn off any one you want!


#4: Some post annoy you? Don’t be a troll. Just hide it from your timeline.

 2014-02-04 18.26.51

#5: Someone is spamming posts in a group? You can just unfollow all the group posts to prevent them from showing on your timeline. You’ll still be a group member.

 Snapshot 2014-02-04 09.53.26


#6: Somebody annoy you? You can unfollow them, preventing their posts from showing on your timeline, while staying their friends!

 Snapshot 2014-02-04 09.55.27