High Stakes: Divinity Original Sin 2

High Stakes is a series based on the weekly Game Burning Podcast, giving impressions about some of the games we discussed on the show.

Divinity: Original Sin 2PC; $45

Okay, so I decided I wanna play a new CRPG, installing Divinity: Original Sin 2 (by Larian Studios). Let’s hope I’ll get hooked!

I chose Ifan as my main, preferring to go with an origin character to get their unique interactions. Also means that I can have a party of 4 origins, and took a cleric as his class.

I’ve played about 6 hours and it was… fine. I can’t seem to understand what to do in Fort Joy. I did some 4 different quests that promised me a way to escape: one was on a timer, which I missed.

The other all seem to involved either sneaking – which I don’t have any character that can do, or fighting the magistrates – which seem not to by “the point” of the game. Also, I don’t know how to advance Ifan’s quest w/o killing the elf seer.

I feel that like other similar game, I need to restart the game with a rogueish character.

One major issue with the game is that you’re trying to walk and accidentally click on an item which is forbidden and now you’re a thief. I’d like to have some way to lock the action for picking items.

So then I did restart the game, with Ifan as a rogue. Mainly for thievery, not sneaking. I got the gloves of teleportation and did some quest that wasn’t on my first run-through. Managed to escape Fort Joy.

…and I accidentally initiated a “mating ritual” between Ifan and Fane.

Divinity: Original Sin II
A magical tongue.