Ranting about Ben 10 Alien Force

The following rant was posted to twitter over the week, after I finished watching the original Ben 10 series and started Alien Force. Keep in mind it was written while watching the first and second seasons, up to episode 3 of season 2 (I didn’t even noticed the first season ending).

Ben 10 alien force isn’t as good as the original series. The new hero forms are just mix-and-match versions of the originals, and they kinda fudged the whole plumbers back-story.

The worse, they turned Gwen into a love struck teenage girl. I’m going to be sick. Now every guy the meet will fall for Gwen and make googly eyes. But at least she asks Kevin out, and continue to make fun of him for not making a move.

I’m fine with the development of both her, and Kevin’s, powers. But, Magic isn’t magic anymore. Every super-power has an alien origin. Including Gwen’s powers. Suddenly she’s just gifted and the whole story arc of learning how to use “magic”, and the struggle against Charmcaster in the original series,is meaningless.

I watched the Ben 10 Alien Force episode “Darkstar Rising” just yesterday, and they finally mentioned something that bugged me about the series from it’s beginning: Earth’s Plumbers were just a branch of the original, intergalactic police organization, The Plumbers. And they were “shutdown” after the events of the original show.

This is stupid on many levels. First, because the whole premise of Alien Force is that Max Tennyson continued to work as a Plumber and even had an Alien partner. And second, because it shits all over the original series’ concept.

I would’ve been okay if after the events of the original series, the Plumbers, and Ben’s, legend would have spread across the galaxy and a new organization would form. That would be inline with the events of Ben 10. Some powerful aliens know Max and Ben from their exploits on Earth and Ben’s journey to find the creator of the Omnitrix.

But this is yet another massive departure from the original series, after the complete overhaul of Kevin’s character, from a murderous psychopath at age 11 (and still is as an adult, according to the future of Ben 10,000), to a roguish, anti-hero good guy with daddy issues. Oh, and now the Null-Void isn’t a doomsday dimension used as a weapon, but a prison the Plumbers used to sentence offenders. Kevin has “done his time” and now he is “on parole”.

Also, everybody in the entire freaking galaxy know who about Ben and the omnitrix.

That’s it for now. There will probably more as I continue watching the series and it’s sequel.