Not so Loaded Anymore

So far I’ve watched 7 out of the 8 episodes for the first series of Loaded.
It’s not a bad show. It’s not a very good one. There is nothing exceptional about it, except maybe the performance of Mary McCormack as Casey.

If you’re a gamer and know something about the games industry, you probably will have more reasons not to like it, as the series as a whole as based in parody.

The original Israeli show that Loaded is an adaptation of, was based on the story of Mirabilis, the creators of ICQ, that sold their company to AOL in 1998. It was the first well-known major exit in Isreal, and “Mesudarim” built on very fundamental ideals present in this country which since then was nicknamed “startup nation” because of the high ration of startup companies and exits in relation to the population.

Those themes don’t really work in Loaded. The British creators changed the focus from a tech company to a games studio, a field that to begin with doesn’t have a lot of “exit” stories and like the series itself shows even when your studio has been acquired by a large investor, unless you keep working on more games, your company has very little value. The whole storyline of young people suddenly have a lot of money was just wasted.

Maybe this concept just isn’t working in 2018, not like it did a decade ago, either because of social changes or because a lot more people earn a lot more money from tech companies, including in the game industry. It’s not the unique occurrence it once was.