GameIS Conference Returns December 18th

The Israeli digital games industry association has announce its 2013 annual conference to be held December 18th at the Wohl convention center at Bar Ilan University. With more than 500 expected attendees, this is the biggest in industry event in Israel and will feature a wide range of sessions on multiple tracks. The event’s floor will host various commercial booths and game exhibitions and at the height of the event will be held the 6th Israeli game developers awards ceremony honoring the best our industry has to offer.

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Last year the 2012 conference was held at the Holon Mediatheque which was so over flown with participants that required a change of venue for this year’s event. International guest speakers included Daniel Matros, a producer at DICE, which gave a keynote speech on the history and success of the company.

The 2013 conference sees more international speakers than before, including Marcin Iwinski, Co-founder and Joint CEO at CD Projekt Group; Cat Burton, Developer Relations Engineer at Unity3D; Yaron Galitzky, General Manager, Kinect and XBOX HID at Microsoft and others.

The annual conference is organized by a nonprofit organization and relay on sponsorship from many leading industry entities to make in happen, both in Israel and the international levels. This year sees sponsorship from companies like Nokia, CD Projekt and

A more in-depth cover of the conference will be coming in the following weeks. Stay tuned for the full conference agenda to be published and we hope to see you there!

The GameIS 2012 Conference Orchestra – The JamIS