VidCon 2013: Your One-Stop Shop for Online Entertainment

VidCon is the largest convention of online video creators, representatives and viewers in the world.  Thousands attend this convention each and every year to represent the billions of online videos on the internet.  This year 12,000 people attended VidCon and it was sold out one month before it began.

The History of VidCon

VidCon is organized by John Green and Hank Green who have the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel.  VidCon 2012 was the 3rd online video conference and was held at the Anaheim Convention Center from June 28th to June 30th, 2012.  This new venue has a much larger room capacity so more were able to attend the conference and about 7,000 people attended VidCon 2012.

VidCon 2013: Your One-Stop Shop for the Hottest Online Entertainment

VidCon 2013 was a huge success and featured keynotes from industry leaders as well as the current and future direction of the online video world.  The opening keynote speaker was none other than investor and blogger Mark Suster.  Suster is a colorful character and is not afraid to use profanity to get his point across.  In this speech, Suster directly addressed anyone who does not like YouTube and why they should show some love for the online video giant.  Suster compared YouTube to Walmart and it is the largest distributor in the online video industry.  Suster goes on to say that if you want to see candy then you will first need to work at Walmart despite the low margins.
VidCon 2013 by Clintus McGintus, on Flickr
A Few Words from the VidCon Founders

On the same topic, John Green the co-founder of VidCon encouraged YouTube video creators to continue networking in the virtual world.  Green noted that these virtual connections are greatly important despite the fact that advertisers do not recognize their value.  In addition, Green said that online video creators need to give their fans a reason to pay instead of forcing viewers to pay as there are many ways online content can be obtained – both legally and illegally.

In the spirit of those words, John and his brother Hank recently released a platform called Subbable.  This platform allows content creators to organize their payments from viewers and fans.  Green stated that his Crash Course web series generated $70,000 in pledges with $30,000 of that from recurring grants within 7 days after the series was released.  At this point, Crash Course has 83% of its pledge goal and nearly 11,000 fans have contributed funds to the project.

The Future of Online Videos

The last keynote address was given by George Strompolos, the CEO of Fullscreen and former executive at YouTube.  George predicted that online videos will become even more influential as we move into the future and he encouraged video created to break language and cultural barriers by reducing the dialog in their videos.  George stated that the online video ‘How Animal Eat Their Food’ by MisterEpicMan will be the kind of video that is most prevalent in the future.  This video generated more than 2.5 million subscribers around the world and has been viewed approximately 80 million times.