Icel Media Publishing and Productions

IcelmedialogoIcel Media is a publishing and production endeavor founded in 2012 by Aviv ‘Icel’ Manoach and Hanan Reznik (RIP).

We currently operate on two fronts: publishing Role-playing Games in Hebrew for Israeli audience, and creating geek and gaming related media in English for international audience.

For any and all inquires, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, Twitter or Facebook.


The Mighty: Heroic Roleplaying Game

Estimated Q4 2015.

The Mighty: Heroic Roleplaying Game is comics super-heroes and urban fantasy inspired role-playing game, containing a translation and adaptation of Worlds in Peril, with a unique campaign setting for use with the rules. Principle writing is expected to be completed Q2 of 2015, after which a crowd funding campaign will launch.

Lasers & Feelings, Hebrew translation

Published March, 2015.

A game by John Harper of One.Seven Design studio, a quick-play sci-fi roleplaying game in one page. [Store Link]

Vanor: Adventure Roleplaying Game

Published July, 2013.

Vanor: Adventure Roleplaying Game is a fantasy role-playing game, containing a translation and adaptation of the renowned Dungeon World system, with a unique campaign setting for use with the rules. It was awarded support from the Israeli Role Playing Association, and was successfully crowd funded in 2013, raising a total of 2,300$. [Store Link]


  • Vanor: Monsters of Another World – a supplement containing translation for various Monsters that were left out of the core book. [Store Link]
  • Vanor: The Unhallowed Cult – the second adventure supplement for Vanor, originally written in 2005 and was adapted to the new product line. [Store Link]
  • Vanor: Lost Treasures of the Empire – the first adventure supplement for Vanor, which was funded as a stretch goal in the crowd funding campaign. [Store Link]